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Go, Fight, Win!

The Hominy cheerleaders are Class 2A State Champions
Hominy cheerleaders Dresdyn Hinman, Macy McIntire and Morgan Cobb, all Osage, are members of this year's 2A state cheerleading championship squad. The squad, made up of 10 girls, were handed the title after Christian Heritage High School was disqualified for using illegal stunts in their routine. Photo by Chalene Toehay/Osage News

Great football players may be born in Oklahoma but talented cheerleaders occupy the small town of Hominy.

Cheerleaders like Macy McIntire, Dresdyn Hinman and Morgan Cobb, all Osage, and their seven teammates have taken over the spotlight at Hominy High School with their Class 2A Cheerleading State Championship trophy.

Cobb, sophomore, said at the beginning of the season a state championship title seemed far from possible, but that’s what made the win so much more thrilling.

“We all just started screaming and crying, it was just really exciting, we were jumping up and down,” Cobb said. “Everybody thought this was going to be kind of a rebuilding year, we lost two big seniors last year.”

They had a young squad but to a school with about four state championship titles in cheerleading since 1990 that was no excuse.

Macy McIntire, 16, a junior on the squad, said the group had a chemistry that’s somewhat unheard of, especially within a group of young women.

“No matter what, you’re still a team,” she said. “I like the girls, we all get along.”

The team practiced rigorously day after day, sometimes beginning at 6 a.m. The early morning practices started to pay off toward the end of the season at the regional meet, where they won and realized they could pull off the state championships.

Last year the team qualified for regionals but finished as the runners up.

In cheer, competition is judged based on routines each squad puts together. At the state meet five judges score each team on tumbling, motions, jumps, stunts and others.

Initially, Hominy finished with a score of 240 points, 21 points less than the Christian Heritage Squad, but Christian Heritage had illegal stunts in their routine and was disqualified. The disqualification of Christian Heritage left Hominy with the win.

“We just had a really good routine and all of the girls were just really good,” Cobb said. “We worked together really hard and everybody could tumble.”

The three have been cheerleaders since they were in elementary school. They’ve all at least made a regional appearance and know how hard it is to be a cheerleader in a small town.

McIntire said as cheerleaders they’re constantly uplifting each because many spectators don’t consider cheer to be a sport, and this season wasn’t any different.

“I think a lot of people underestimated us, we worked hard and we deserved (to win),” she said. “That’s how they (people) have always been, with the notion toward cheerleading, that it’s not a sport.”

Hinman, 17, said she’s always wanted to know what it felt like to win a state championship and is glad she finally knows what it’s like.

“I was really surprised at the beginning of the year we really had to work hard,” she said. “I was really happy and excited.”

But when you put the hard work aside, Cobb said it comes down to how passionate the cheerleaders are about their schools and the teams they cheer on.

She said the squad won because of hard work and their school spirit.

“You just have to have a drive to win, win for your team and support your team, that’s what makes you the best cheerleader you can be,” Cobb said. “It’s just something that I love to do, I love cheering on our team…supporting our school being a role model.”

The rest of the squad on the championship team are: Morgan Anderson, Kati Walker, Alyssa Phelps, Emily Hartman, Madison Smith, Savanna Blake Drummond and Erin Hartman.

Hominy cheerleading sponsor Michelle Bobitt did not return calls or messages for an interview with the News.


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Dresdyn Hinman's Osage descendency is: daughter of Stephanie Davis Hinman, Granddaughter of Fi Davis; Great Granddaughter of Martha Davis; Great Great Granddaughter of Beulah Jackson and Alfred Oberly, Great Great Great Granddaughter of Original Allottees Fidelis Cole, Pearl Cayou, John and Sarah Oberly. Congratulations Dresdyn and all the Hominy Buck Cheerleaders!!!! We are very proud of you.