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Osages young and old experience a new election

Charles Red Corn remembers elections past while 18-year-old Emma Red Corn votes for the first time

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Patricia, I am still anxiously awaiting to hear from you. may i contact you? if so please provide your contact info ...

You can contact me at

How can I contact you Osagemary?

Hey Patricia I did see his website and I saw what was on every candidates platform, a bunch of promises. What I didn't see was a list of his accomplishments while acting as Asst. Chief. His voting record. The contributions he made toward the Osage people. His bio says he has the business & education experience needed to be Chief but where are his credentials that support these statements. The only statement that I could see Asst Chief backed up was his being full-blooded, he proudly displayed his card. Why hasn't he proudly displayed his other credentials? I'm sorry but I didn't see anything on his website that says look at the great things I accomplished as Asst. Chief and I am now ready to serve as your Chief.

OsageMary - I tried to find you. If you would like to know what John Red Eagle's platform is go to his website..

I also left this message on but since you appear to be a John Red Eagle supporter ... Help! Perhaps I’m not being fair and I have not given Asst. Chief the respect and attention that he deserves. If you voted for Asst. Chief please tell me why. I’m not interested in the fact he’s your friend, family member, neighbor, you went to high school with him, he tells great jokes, etc… Please give me concrete evidence that he is qualified for this position. We’re not looking for a student council president, we are looking for an individual who is capable of leading a Nation and managing a multi-million dollar industry. Please tell me what’s he’s accomplished as Asst. Chief (and his former professional history) that gives you this confidence. If Asst. Chief truly is the man to be called “Chief” I’d like for his followers to step up and tell me WHY! ... Yes, drums are an important part of our past but I'm equally if not more concerned with the Osage Nation's future.

Why did you not give John Red Eagle credit for bringing in the drum and singers to the election grounds yesterday afternoon. This represented part of our past as they used to dance and have the drum during election time.

In fact I think it is a little odd that you did not mention him by name in any of your stories about the election. Although one of your staff interviewed him and you had pictures of Team Osage and the food they served etc.

Times are a changing Miss Shaw. This is no longer going to be a one-sided reporting newspaper.

I am curious as to why the voters were asked to put their ballots into a box instead of directly into the counting machine. One, it wouldn't have taken all night to find out the results and two it would have eliminated excessive handling that might have contributed to damaged, if not tampered ballots.

The poll watchers are saying the machines for the main election malfunctioned and damaged ballots. A hand count may be possible but some are too damaged to read. The Minerals Council ballots are being hand counted and the results should be available in an hour.

12:37 am Pawhauska...It is being reported that the counting machines have malfunctioned and some ballots are damaged.