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IHS hospitals ensure newborns and their mothers receive the health benefits of breastfeeding

If the class membership is finally determined in December, the payments can then be made in the first quarter of 2014 barring any unexpected issues

Both entities to establish a national center focused on fighting childhood obesity

The Osage News would like to wish all our readers a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Osage Heritage Day

Set your sight on healthy vision if you have diabetes

Randy Carnett resigned his post on the GEB and Stacy Laskey was not reappointed by Chief Red Eagle

Education and training provided for Osage Nation tribal members to work on Enbridge pipeline gets recognized

Congress will meet Jan. 13 solely to hold first ever removal trial of an elected Osage official

High Court sets deadlines for Chief and Congress to submit legal briefs

Nation responds in support of the BIA maintaining regulatory

Increases come just in time for the holidays

Call or email the Osage News at 918-287-5668 or to reserve a copy

Vote for a removal trial is a first for the Osage government; Trial date yet to be set

Six allegations from Congressional investigation of the Chief cited as caused for the removal trial; Congress to vote on motion during Nov. 15 special session

ON Congress meets today at 10 a.m. to consider a motion to remove Red Eagle

This is the second time Red Eagle will have an audience with Obama

Osage News Editorial Board approves advertising policies for candidates

Osage Congressman to attend U.S. Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony for Native American Code Talkers

Mary Kris Revard awarded Western Seat Gold Medal during annual competition with her horse "Evil Knievel"

Gov. Fallin signed the compact Oct. 31

Ramona Horsechief, Debra Lookout and Jonna Beartrack were the top winners this year

The court ruled Sept. 13 that Osage Nation members William Fletcher and Charles Pratt are entitled to an accounting from the United States’ management of Osage oil and gas royalties

Rhonda Wallace, Charles Pratt and Jodie Revard were sworn in Oct. 24

Lookout and Wilson were honored at the 5th Annual AARP Oklahoma Indian Elder Honors in Oklahoma City, Oct. 1