Eleven Osages announce their bid for Osage office

Osage News The Osage News will be writing in-depth profiles of all candidates seeking office in the coming months leading down to the June 2010 elections. The election is 10 months away but we thought we would give our readers a glimpse of the candidates that have declared themselves so far in this issue of the Osage News. For more election coverage visit

Candidates for Principal Chief


John D. Red Eagle Elected Assistant Principal Chief in 2006, John D. Red Eagle said he has learned a lot about government in the last three years working with the ON Congress as an ex-officio member and also working with the Executive Branch. His primary focus as Assistant Chief has been the healthcare for the Osage people as he sits on the ON Health and Wellness Advisory Board and has 35 years of experience in the health field.


Roy St. John Roy St. John, currently the secretary of the Osage Shareholder’s Association and a retiree living near Pawhuska, said that if he was to be elected Principal Chief he promises a more representative and open government and promises to “do a better job for the people in the Osage than what’s being done at this time.” A proud father of three grown sons who live in Texas, St. John comes from a long career with IBM.


Tim Tall Chief Tim Tall Chief is the Deputy Commissioner of Health for the Oklahoma State Department of Health over Administration. Duties include oversight responsibilities for an annual budget of $370 million for an agency of 2300 employees with facilities and clinics in 70 Oklahoma counties. He is a faculty member in the College of Liberal Studies Administrative Leadership program at the University of Oklahoma.

Candidates for Assistant Principal Chief


Scott Bighorse Scott Bighorse served as a U.S. State Representative in Oklahoma’s 51st Legislature in 2007 and 2008. He opened up the first goal-facilitated juvenile detention center in Oklahoma and said he mainly focuses on children’s issues and senior citizens. His expertise is law enforcement after he spent 14 years at Dick Carter Correctional Facility as a correctional officer, working his way up to administrative assistant to the warden.


Cecilia Tall Chief Cecilia Tall Chief is the newly elected president of the National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association. After a career in nursing has taken her to work in the Indian Health Service in Santa Fe, N.M., and the Pinault Indian Reservation at their clinic, she has worked as a nurse in Fairfax, Pawhuska, Hominy and Bartlesville hospitals and sits on numerous health and wellness boards across the state.

Candidates for the Osage Nation Congress


Debbie Atterberry Congresswoman Debra Atterberry is a 53-year-old wife, mother and grandmother. Her husband is Duke Atterberry, a long time coach in Pawhuska. Debby graduated from Northeastern State University with a degree in Business Education. She later received a second degree in Elementary Education. She is certified to teach K – 12 grades. Debby taught 17 years in the Barnsdall, Pawhuska, Wynona and Red Rock school districts.


Jake Heflin California resident Jake Heflin, a member of the Pawhuska District of the In-Lon-Schka, has had a long career as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. A member of the eagle clan, sky division, his Osage name means “town maker.” “I think it’s a challenge to reach out to that Osage off the reservation,” he said. “There is an increasing desire to learn about our culture and I think that’s what binds us together as a people.”


Raymond Red Corn Congressman Raymond Red Corn was born and raised in the Pawhuska Indian Village. Working in construction and construction management, he successfully started and operated his own company in Kansas City for seven years before returning to Pawhuska in 2003. In 2004 he became a partner in Red Corn & Myers, purchasing and renovating five historic buildings in downtown Pawhuska.


Doug Revard Congressman Doug Revard was a State District Court Judge for 22 years in Pawnee and Kay counties in Oklahoma. He was a First Assistant District Attorney in Osage and Pawnee counties as well. He received his bachelor’s degree in business from Oklahoma State University and his juris doctorate from Oklahoma City University. His proudest moment as a congressman was getting $25,000 appropriated for a Grayhorse chapel.


William “Kugee” Supernaw Congressman William “Kugee” Supernaw is an award winning artist, jeweler and potter, listed in, “Biographical Dictionary of Native American Artists.” Supernaw is a great-grandson of Tall Chief, the last hereditary chief of the Quapaws. As an Osage congressman he strives to bring accountability to the Nation’s assets and transparency in government. He is a member of the Hominy In-Lon-Schka dance committee.

Undecided Candidate


Jenny Mashunkashey Miller Jenny Mashunkashey Miller hasn’t decided which branch or office she will be running for but she promises she will “throw her hat in the ring for one or the other.” She promises, if elected, to do forensic audits, propose a constitutional convention, restore the Minerals Estate according to the 1906 Act, implement a spending freeze and encourage a salary cut for elected officials.