If you pay much attention to politics, you’ve heard the term “vision” used frequently. Here? Not lately. Strategic thinking has taken a back seat.

That’s unfortunate, for few tribal nations advance themselves without a vision. No tribal nation becomes successful by accident, although some may experience short-term success by windfall or luck. When tribal legislatures concern themselves with the smallest aspects of tribal governance, strategic thinking goes to the back burner.

This nation’s legislature should be focused on the future. Instead, our focus is often directed to the smallest of budgetary details, or to finding fault with other branches. This approach to governing may make us appear busy, or score a political point now and then, but will it make us great? Will it diversify our business interests beyond gaming? Will it ensure the sustainability of the benefits we already distribute? These questions are seldom asked, much less answered.

In the coming election some candidates will focus on personalities, while others focus on possibilities. I’m looking for candidates who believe, as I do, that there are no limits to what the Osage Nation can achieve with proper leadership and a common purpose. Let’s identify those candidates, and give them our support.