A Message from June 2010 candidate Jenny Miller-Feb.

In accordance with the Osage News Election policy, the Osage News is allowing each candidate 500 words on leading up to the June 2010 election.

Government entities are only as good as the people they represent. Given that the Osage people have been conditioned for over one hundred years to stay out of government affairs, remain silent and by all means not appear radical, all of us are in need of substantial re-conditioning. Those who shutter when hearing the word “politics” have been placed square in the middle of a Political Government as a result of decisions made by the 31st Council. Because the 31st Council themselves had been conditioned to believe they were superior to members of the Osage tribe and that they had the last word in all decisions made for the Osage tribe, they took upon themselves an attempt to change federal law. Though they in reality were unsuccessful in changing federal law, they did succeed in producing an additional form of government which is now the Osage Nation Government. That is ALL that happened.

An additional government has been added and one of which can be a plus for all Osage members provided we eliminate those in office who are intent in helping themselves and not the people.

The reality is that the Osage Mineral Trust and Estate is to be governed according to the 1906 Act of which was not changed but clarified for the purpose of establishing an additional membership open to the non-shareholder and to form a government that represents all Osages for other purposes but not the purpose of governing the Osage Minerals Estate.

Now that we have this new government available to us, it is our responsibility to make it work. Now that we have this new government, not only does the Osage Citizenry have to condition themselves to take part by petitioning, proposing legislation and advocating their desires to the elected officials but the elected officials must condition themselves to recognize and accept that they were elected to REPRESENT the people, not dictate, ignore or feel superior to but to serve the people. The days of suppressing information, not communicating with the citizenry, believing themselves to be superior to rather than servants for the public must end. We have witnessed much too much of this type of behavior in the past and we must call an end to it today.

Rest assured if I’m elected to Congress, I will keep you abreast of congressional happenings, will answer your e-mails, return your phone calls and provide a website just as I have now. I will assist you with proposals for legislation, I will listen to your concerns and I will be honored to do so. The Osage people are being and will continue to be taken advantage of by this government. Accept that this is a new day in Osage government. Help to make it successful by being involved and letting your voice be heard.

For more detailed information regarding the citizens roll in government watch for my next newsletter between now and the 15th. For absentee ballot applications and more, see HOT TOPICS @