The Osage News is holding runoff election debates on June 23 in Pawhuska featuring the four candidates running for the Osage Nation Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief offices in the July 19 runoff election.

The debates will be held at 6 p.m. at the Wah Zha Zhi Cultural Center, 1449 W. Main, and will be broadcast live on the Nation’s Web site at The public is invited to attend the debates that day and hear the candidates answer the debate questions.

The event is also being catered by the Osage Million Dollar Elm.

Debating for the Principal Chief office will be John Red Eagle and Tim Tall Chief. Debating for the Assistant Principal Chief office will be Amanda Proctor and Scott BigHorse. All four candidates have RSVP’ed with the Osage News for the debate.

Each group of two candidates will be asked four questions. Those questions will cover the topics of: economy, health, education, social services, gaming, legal, energy, preservation, culture, natural resources and responsibilities of the offices being sought by the candidates.

The candidates will have three minutes to answer each question and will be allowed one minute for rebuttal or follow-ups. The Osage News will publish a program on the day of the debate outlining the rules and the questions which will be posed to the candidates.

Questions will not be allowed from the audience, applause or any type of demonstration will not be allowed while the candidates are debating. The Osage Nation Police Department will be present at the debates. No visual aids, such as power points, may be used by a candidate. Representatives from the League of Women Voters of Tulsa will be moderating the event as well as timing the candidates’ responses, give a 30 second warning and announce when their time has expired.

Because the Osage News is non-partisan and does not support or oppose individual candidates, all political advertising (including brochures, bumper stickers, signs, buttons) and electioneering will not be allowed during the debates.

A question committee, comprising of the newspaper staff and four tribal members, will develop the debate questions. Susan Shannon, host of KGOU-KROU’s Indian Times, will be the emcee for the debate.