Minerals Council

The Osage Minerals Council has selected three members to be the OMC’s representation on the Nation’s five-member Trust Team. The trust team is made up of three OMC members, the principal chief and the speaker of the congress.

Dudley Whitehorn, Galen Crum and Cynthia Boone were unanimously voted in by the eight-member OMC July 21, and Whitehorn was voted to be the trust team chairman. They will join Principal Chief John Red Eagle and Speaker of the Congress Jerri Jean Branstetter.

According to the Memorandum of Agreement, signed and dated July 21, 2006, between the executive, congressional branch and the minerals council, the trust team was developed to establish clear lines of communication between the three.

The trust team monitors pending and future lawsuits against the United States or its officials concerning federal mismanagement of Osage tribal trust funds and assets, legislation concerning the settlement of such lawsuits as Cobell v. Kempthorne; and federal administrative actions concerning reform of trust management systems for tribes and Indians, according to the memorandum.

Salary reductions

OMC Councilmen Curtis Bear and Joseph “Sonny” Abbott have voluntarily taken pay cuts. Bear asked the council July 21 in their regular meeting to reduce his salary from $30,000 a year to $13,000 a year. Abbott cut his salary completely. Bear said in the meeting that in order to receive his disability benefits he cannot make an income of more than $14,000; Abbott said he did not need the extra money.

Audience members thanked the councilmen for reducing and returning their salaries to the Osage shareholders. The OMC receives their funding from the Osage minerals estate.

For more information on the OMC contact Miya McKim at (918) 287-5433 or e-mail her atmmkim@osagetribe.org.


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