Starting in October, the Osage News will be mailed to Osage Nation members only.

“We feel that by distributing the Osage News to membership card holders only, it will cut back on our distribution costs and save money for the Nation,” said Shannon Shaw, Editor of the Osage News.

The staff at the Osage News has wanted to cut back on mailing costs for several years but due to past litigation between the Executive Branch and the Osage Nation Congress over possession of the membership list, the Osage News was not allowed to maintain their own copy, Shaw said. Chief John Red Eagle has allowed a one-time distribution of the membership list to the Osage News in which the staff will maintain the list and update it every month when new members join the Nation in coordination with the Osage Nation CDIB Membership Office.

The Osage News is currently mailed to every member of the Nation and CDIB card holder, which is approximately 11,600 people, Shaw said. By cutting it to members only, the Osage News will be mailed to approximately 9,900 people. By allowing the Osage News to maintain its own membership list, the staff can now cancel subscriptions to households that are receiving more than one newspaper.

“We are seeing that more and more of our readers are turning to our Web site for their news, which we update daily,” Shaw said. “We do understand that some households save copies for loved ones who are overseas, away at college, or some readers simply want their own copy. That is why we will leave it up to the tribal member to cancel subscriptions at households that are receiving more than one newspaper.”

According to Google Analytics, the Osage News Web site, from June 6 to July 6, 2010, had more than 9,000 visits with 3,000 of those being unique visitors. In terms of page views, the Osage News had more than 31,500 with the average reader staying on the site for more than four minutes.

For CDIB card holders who will no longer be receiving the newspaper they can either call the Osage News offices and order a one-year subscription for $24 or contact the membership office and enroll as a member of the Nation and receive the newspaper for free.

For more information, or to cancel a subscription, contact the Osage News offices at (918) 287-5668, e-mail them at To obtain a membership card, contact the membership office at (918) 287-5390 or visit their Web site at


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