Minerals Council

The Osage Minerals Council is seeking an attorney.

At the OMC Oct. 8 meeting, Chairman Dudley Whitehorn told the attendees that only one attorney had come forth after asking his fellow council members to submit names for consideration. That attorney was Tulsa-based attorney William “Bill” Grimm, attorney for Jech vs. United States. The Jech case, if won, could abolish the Osage Constitution and which Whitehorn is also a plaintiff.

“I was never asked to bring anybody forth,” Councilman Joseph “Sonny” Abbott said. “A couple of months I mentioned [an attorney] and I was told he was too old. I was never asked to bring forth a resume or bring forth a candidate.

“I take too old as maybe too much experience maybe,” Abbott said. The name Abbott put forth is Tulsa-based attorney John G. Ghostbear.

The council agreed to allow for more attorney names to be put forth and to interview Grimm in executive session after the Oct. 8 meeting. They would interview other interested applicants following the next OMC meeting Oct. 20.

Whitehorn also addressed the attendees at the meeting and those listening on the internet that he was not happy with the Osage News article that was published Sept. 30 on osagenews.org and was published on the front page of the Osage News paper edition titled, “Minerals Council votes to help fund lawsuit that could abolish Osage Constitution.”

“I’m trying to find a way to say this and be nice, sometimes it’s not always possible,” Whitehorn said. “The person who put the article in the Osage News about [the Jech] suit trying to destroy the Constitution, they’re wrong. We just want to be free from the Constitution. Please tell people who had a problem with that article in the newspaper . . . tell them not to call us, tell them to call the news office.”

The Osage News stands by its story.

Shareholders will soon be receiving a newsletter from the council. Details are still being discussed but the newsletter would be optional and an electronic version will be available upon request.

2010 Oil & Gas Summit

The council is also preparing for the Osage Oil & Gas Summit and Prospect Expo Oct. 27, 28 and 29th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Tulsa. The Second OMC will also be hosting their first lease sale at the summit. The oil lease sale will be held at 1 p.m. in the Promenade A/B room in the Crowne Plaza on Oct. 27.

The summit will also feature various speakers from the oil industry.

Pre-registration is $75 and onsite registration is $100. Credit cards will not be accepted.

For more information on the Oil & Gas Summit or the oil lease sale, call the OMC at (918) 287-5433 or visit their Web site at www.osagetribe.com/mineral/.