This time it wasn’t about what the Pawhuska Lady Huskies didn’t do.

They did everything their bodies would allow in a tough matchup with Adair in the second round of the area tournament, where Adair ended Pawhuska’s season 40-19.

After a 62-59 victory over Salina the night before Pawhuska had very little endurance left and had trouble staying afloat with powerhouse-No. 4 in 3A, Adair.

“We just played so hard last night, playing a team that’s 10 minutes away, our legs just weren’t what they needed to be,” Pawhuska coach Mark Shuck said. “We tried to rebound, but for the game last night, getting home late, turning around, getting right back around playing the afternoon game and playing a quick team like that, we just didn’t have the ability to cover like we wanted to.”

And boy was there a lot to cover.

Two of Adair’s many shooters landed two three-pointers that put the Lady Warriors up with a 15-10 lead at the end of the first quarter.

In the second, Adair showed how strong they were on defense forcing turnovers and missed shots, putting Pawhuska into early foul trouble.

Pawhuska scored only three points, all of which came from free throws, they trailed 24-13 at the half.

Shuck said there wasn’t much he could say to his team at the half since they did exactly what he asked of them.

“It’s just one of those things that happens in the playoffs when you play back-to-back-to-back games,” Shuck said.

The Lady Huskies continued to drag their feet in the third quarter allowing Adair to pull away even more. Adair led at the end of the third quarter 29-17.

Pawhuska senior Jayde Drummond said she and her team didn’t save enough of their energy from the night before for the big game.

“I think we were just fatigued from last night…we left it all out there yesterday which is basically what we’re suppose to do, we just left too much out there,” she said. “We should have brought it into this game but we just couldn’t.

“There was no lack of effort. Everyone gave a 110 percent even if their 110 percent wasn’t 90 miles an hour, we all showed heart and we all pressed hard just as hard as we could,” Drummond added.

The last quarter was smooth sailing for Adair as Pawhuska attempted to give it one more shot before relieving their starters.

Pawhuska scored one basket in the last quarter before Adair came out on top with a 40-19 victory.

Adair’s Shanna Harrison led her team with 17 points. Pawhuska’s leading scorer was Sarah Tolson with eight points.

It was a heart-breaking loss for the Lady Huskies who retire five seniors: Sarah Tolson, Jayde Drummond, Jessica Hutson, Sadie Patterson and Devon Sellers.

Pawhuska finishes their season with a record of 20-8, something Shuck said won’t be overlooked as they wrap up the season.

“It was a great season, we won 20 ball games, across the state of Oklahoma there’s not many ball teams that win 20 ball games in the season, there’s just a lot of those types of mile stones,” Shuck said. “I told the girls as a coach you always hope that your team can play as well it possibly can play and we did that especially last night, but other times during the year we were at that point, a lot of teams end their season and wished they could have played better we don’t have to do that we know we played well.”

Shuck said his team always walks away with many fond memories of the season. He said they had some big wins beating some Top 10 teams like Newkirk, Pawnee and Salina.

Drummond couldn’t have agreed more.

She said although her last season didn’t end like wanted, she still has a lot to be happy about.

“We’ve made history, we ‘re the third team to make it to area, it’s just been a very great season, one of the best,” she said. “I’m happy, I’m happy, I can look back on it and there’s no disappointments in this season whatsoever.”


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