Osage LLC purchases video surveillance company

The Osage Limited Liability Company is announcing it has made a majority asset purchase of a Wisconsin-based video surveillance company. The deal has potential to bring jobs to Osage County if plans to create an Oklahoma satellite office are a success.

In a March 25 news release, Osage LLC said it made a $2.64 million purchase of American Video and Security (AVS), which specializes in providing full-service security and surveillance systems for entities including casinos, government and health care facilities and schools. The purchase amounts to 70 percent of the business’s value, the release states.

“The acquisition of AVS also represents a great opportunity for Osage LLC to use its minority Native American status to move into the government contracting area – and create even more jobs for the Osage people,” LLC CEO Carol Leese said in the release.

According to its Web site, Battle Creek, Wis.-based AVS specializes in providing its systems in the gaming security field, but it also serves commercial/ industrial facilities, airports, jails, hospitals and universities and school districts.

Its products offered include: IP video security systems which can accommodate up to thousands of cameras; multi-channel digital video recorders to record camera footage; security access systems such as keypad/ access card readers placed at door entrances; and alarm systems in case of intruder or fire emergencies.

“This is Osage LLC’s first carefully articulated step to becoming a technology powerhouse,” said Leese, “this company is one of several future acquisitions that we plan to make in the technology realm.”

Leese said the LLC plans to create a satellite office in Osage County for AVS. A timeline on the plans or information on the number and types of jobs to be created by the satellite office were unknown as of April 4.

LLC launches its deal flow management system

The LLC has created a “deal flow management system” online in which Osages are welcome to submit their business idea pitches online to the LLC for potential deals.

The online application is available at where interested Osages may fill out an application and view a sample application as well.

Leese has previously told the Osage News the LLC receives many business idea proposals, which led to the creation of the deal flow management system so the LLC can receive, verify and scrutinize the business ideas.

LLC creates ‘Skills Database’ for Osages seeking jobs

In related online matters, the LLC has launched a Skills Database program to help Osages who are looking for jobs.

Interested Osages can go online to to create a profile which will be used to help match them to job opportunities that may be of interest.