Jerri Jean Branstetter elected Speaker for a second consecutive year

Before adjourning the 2011 Hun-Kah Session on April 15, the Second Osage Nation Congress selected Jerri Jean Branstetter for a second year as Speaker. The Congress also set its committees and selected officers for those committees.

By unanimous vote, Branstetter will remain Speaker for another year. She is the third Speaker in the reformed government’s five-year history. Congressman Raymond Red Corn was also unanimously elected Second Speaker and will also serve a second consecutive year in that post.

The Congress elects its top two positions annually. Red Corn will preside during Congressional sessions if Branstetter is absent. The Congressional committees are also set annually with Congress members signing up for the boards and those members elect their officers and representatives for the Congressional Committee on Appropriations.

The Congressional committees have initial jurisdiction over bills and resolutions related to those respective fields and make amendments on those bills, if necessary.

Here are the Congressional committees and their officers:

Congressional Affairs: Raymond Red Corn (chairman); John Free; Mark Simms; Alice Goodfox; Geoffrey Standing Bear.

Rules and Ethics: Jerri Jean Branstetter (chairwoman); Eddy Red Eagle (vice chairman); Archie Mason.

Education: John Free (chairman); Archie Mason (vice chairman); Daniel Boone; Eddy Red Eagle; William “Kugee” Supernaw.

Commerce and Economic Development: Anthony Shackelford (chairman); Mark Simms (vice chairman); Raymond Red Corn; Jerri Jean Branstetter; Geoffrey Standing Bear; William “Kugee” Supernaw.

Government Operations: Daniel Boone (chairman); Raymond Red Corn (vice chairman); Jerri Jean Branstetter; William “Kugee” Supernaw; and Shannon Edwards.

Cultural: Alice Goodfox (chairwoman); Shannon Edwards (vice chairwoman); Geoffrey Standing Bear; Mark Simms; Anthony Shackelford; William “Kugee” Supernaw.

Health and Social Services: Archie Mason (chairman); Geoffrey Standing Bear (vice chairman); Alice Goodfox; John Free; Eddy Red Eagle; Anthony Shackelford.

Appropriations: Eddy Red Eagle (chairman, representative from the Education committee); John Free (vice chairman, Health and Social Services); Mark Simms (Cultural); Shannon Edwards (Gov Ops); William “Kugee” Supernaw (Commerce).


Osage Nation Congressional Chambers
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