Anderson resigns from Chief Red Eagle’s office

Faren Revard Anderson is no longer Senior Adviser to Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle, according to the Executive Branch.

Anderson resigned from her post on Friday (July 8), said Chris White, executive director of governmental affairs for Chief Red Eagle’s office.

“The Chief accepted her resignation,” White said. He declined to elaborate on details regarding her departure.

Anderson, who previously served on the First Osage Nation Congress, was appointed by Chief Red Eagle after he won the July 2010 Runoff Election. He was sworn in Aug. 4 as Principal Chief.

As senior adviser, Anderson’s job duties included serving as a liaison with the Osage Nation Congress, providing legal analysis and writing legislation, according to a September 2010 Osage News story about Chief Red Eagle’s newly appointed administration.

 Anderson served as Congresswoman with the First ON Congress from 2006 to 2010. While serving in Congress, she was Speaker and chairwoman of the Congressional committees on culture and appropriations.

Anderson did not respond to an Osage News request for comment before this story was posted.

White said Chief Red Eagle would look at all options regarding Anderson’s now-vacant position.


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