Application deadline extended for the 2011 ON Community Challenge Grant program

The application deadline for the Osage Nation’s 2011 Community Challenge Grant program has been extended to Aug. 19.

“The matching grant promotes an active lifestyle for Osage youth,” Jennifer Tiger, Director of Strategic Planning & Grants Management, said in a statement. “With childhood obesity, diabetes and other diseases on the rise, this grant’s goal is to ensure the healthy growth of our communities.”

To be eligible for this grant, applicants must be located within the physical boundaries of the Osage Nation, which includes the communities of Pawhuska, Wynona, Barnsdall, Avant, Skiatook, Prue, Osage, Fairfax, McCord and Shidler. The applications must be submitted by local community governments, community foundations, or recognized/ established community organizations.

This year’s grant program funding was established by the ON Congress, which passed a $150,000 appropriation bill (ONCA 11-48 sponsored by Congressman Anthony Shackelford) on April 7 during the Hun-Kah Session.

Last year, the Nation paid out $53,000 for the 2010 Community Challenge Grant program, according to the ON Office of Strategic Planning and Grants Management. This office will receive and evaluate all submitted community grant applications.

News of continuing the community grant program comes less than a year after a health study recommended that Osages can expand their life spans by making healthier lifestyle changes. The study notes the rate of diabetes among Osages is higher than the average population rate.

Released in July 2010, the health survey study titled: “Health of the Nation: Reservation at Risk” questioned Osages applying for the health benefit card program. Those who participated filled out a questionnaire on their health. The study was conducted by Paradox Consulting LLC, which was founded by Dr. Joe Conner (Osage) and Dr. Carol Nice Conner.

According to the study findings, 20.7 percent of Osages living on the reservation (who completed the survey) reported being diagnosed with diabetes. In Oklahoma, 13.05 percent of non-reservation Osage residents reported being diagnosed with diabetes while the rate was 9.64 percent for those Osages living outside Oklahoma. The average U.S. rate for those diagnosed with diabetes is 8.3 percent and 11 percent for the general Oklahoma population.

On obesity, 70 percent of Osage adults living on the reservation are overweight with 34.6 percent of reservation Osages being obese, the survey found. 

In 2010, the Nation awarded community challenge grant funding to four entities. The city of Pawhuska received $25,000 for its aquatic splash pad project; The “Make It Happen in Pawhuska” committee received $10,500 for building the skate park northeast of Lynn Avenue and Main Street; Hominy’s Dug-Out Club received $1,500 toward improving the ball park facilities; and the Fairfax Pool Improvement Committee received $16,000 for public swimming pool repairs and improvements.

All completed applications must be received by 4:30 p.m. in the Office of Strategic Planning and Grants Management on Aug. 19.

For more information and to request a community grant application packet, contact Lynette Miles at (918) 287-5383 or Otto Hamilton at (918) 287-5584 at the OSPG.

Applications and guidelines for the community grant program are also available online at the OSPG’s Web site at:


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