Registration closes for 2012 election with 34 candidates

At the close of business April 2 the Osage Nation Election Office reported that 34 candidates had registered for the 2012 Osage General Election.

Out of those 34 candidates, five are incumbents, five ran for an office in the 2010 general election, and the rest are new faces.

Berbon Hamilton was the first candidate to walk through the Osage Election Office doors March 15, said Delores Davis, election office staff. He was waiting for her to open the doors at 7:55 a.m. The last candidate to register was Kathryn Red Corn, who registered on the last day of registration April 2. Red Corn ran for the Osage Minerals Council in 2010 and finished 10th.

Election Day is June 4 with the poll opening to the public at 8 a.m. Watch the Osage News website for regular updates on the election, the candidate video series “Candidate Talk,” candidate rallies, political news blogs, election deadlines, and the Candidate Weekly Roundup beginning the week of April 23.

The six highest vote recipients on June 4 Election Day will serve on the Third Osage Nation Congress for four years.

The 34 candidates are as follows, in alphabetical order:

1)    Jerri Jean Branstetter – Incumbent

2)    Shannon Edwards – Incumbent

3)    Olivia “Libbi” Gray – First-time candidate

4)    Becky Johnson – First-time candidate

5)    Jacque Jones – First-time candidate

6)    Berbon Hamilton – First-time candidate

7)    Hank Hainzinger – First-time candidate

8)    Teresa DeRoin Hudgins – First-time candidate

9)    John Jech – Ran in 2010, finished ninth

10)Linda Lazelle – First-time candidate

11)Nicki Revard Lorenzo – First-time candidate

12)Joseph Roger Lynn – First-time candidate

13)John Maker – Ran in 2010, finished eighth

14)Joe Mashunkashey – First-time candidate

15)Bill Mashunkashey Jr. – First-time candidate

16)Archie Mason – Incumbent

17)Justin Mays – First-time candidate

18)Roscoe Mays – First-time candidate

19)Jenny Miller – Ran in 2010, finished 13th

20)Angela Marie Pratt – First-time candidate

21)Jim Ryan – First-time candidate

22)Amanda Proctor – Ran in 2010 for Asst. Principal Chief, finished second

23)Kathryn Red Corn – Ran in 2010 for the Osage Minerals Council, finished 10th

24)Shane Rencountre – First-time candidate

25)Carl Sellers – Ran in 2010 for Principal Chief, finished fifth

26)Anthony Shackelford – Incumbent

27)Rosemary Shaw – First-time candidate

28)Matthew Shunkamolah – First-time candidate

29)Mark Simms – Incumbent

30)Jozi Tall Chief – First-time candidate

31)Cecelia Tallchief – Ran in 2010 for Asst. Principal Chief, finished fourth

32)Candy Thomas – First-time candidate

33)Maria Whitehorn – First-time candidate

34)RJ Walker – First-time candidate

Requirements for candidacy

According to documents obtained from the Osage election office, a person must be at least 25 years old on the date of the election, and never been convicted of a felony, to be eligible for candidacy. They must have an Osage Nation Membership Card (not a CDIB), a government issued ID (such as a Driver’s License), and $300 in the form of a cashier’s check or money order payable to the Osage Nation Election Office.

Candidates will also be required to sign a Background Investigation Consent, in which the candidate’s legal record will be searched for convicted felonies. The Osage News will also conduct a background search on all candidates for convicted felonies and bankruptcies.

Candidates may obtain a Voter Registry (list of registered voters), in which the fee will be included in the filing fee.

Campaign Reporting

Each candidate must file two campaign reporting statements detailing donations of $1,000 or more and the equivalent of that amount in goods and services from individuals or families. That also includes multiple donations by a single donor that accumulate to $1,000 or more.

Campaign reporting statements must also detail donations, or good and services, of any amount received by the candidate or campaign from a corporation, LLC or any business entity whether organized by a state, tribal or federal charter.

Candidates will also be required to file any expenditures made by the candidate or the campaign and any balance of funds at the time of the statement.

Candidate’s campaign reports have to be filed with the election office no more than 15 days prior to the election date for certification. Reports must include all donations and expenditures made up to that date, even those made prior to the candidate filing date. After the election, a second report is required to be filed no more than15 days post election. The report must be a complete detailing of the candidate’s entire campaign.