Election Results

ON Election Board certifies 2012 General Election results

The 2012 General Election results are certified with four first-time Osage Nation Congressional members and two re-elected incumbents to serve on the Third ON Congress.

The ON Election Board unanimously certified the results of the June 4 election during its June 8 meeting. The board did not receive any public challenges of the results and did not count provisional ballots toward the unofficial results, so those numbers will stand.

Serving on the Third ON Congress are: RJ Walker, John F. Maker, Archie L. Mason, Shannon Love Edwards, Maria Whitehorn and John Jech. All seven proposed Osage Constitution amendment questions listed on the ballot failed to receive 65 percent of the “yes” vote in order to pass.

Inauguration Day for the six Congressional members, who will serve a four-year term, will be in July. A specific day has not been set.

In this year’s election, 2,124 Osages voted, which is just over 500 voters shy of the 2010 general election turnout. That year, 2,628 Osages voted in the election for the Second ON Congress and Office of the Chiefs.

In other election-related business, the election board accepted an appeal from Whitehorn who was fined $50 for one of her signs not disclosing who paid for it. Whitehorn contended she had the “paid for by…” disclosure on the sign, which was photographed for evidence.

Election Supervisor Alexis Rencountre, who took the photo of Whitehorn’s sign, apologized for the photo, which did not show the disclosure language in the corner of the sign. Whitehorn, who had paid the fine for her sign, will receive a full refund of that fee.

The board also voted to fine candidates Cecelia Tallchief and Angela Marie Pratt for not having the “paid for…” disclosure on their political advertising handed out to voters. Tallchief passed out business cards during Election Day and Pratt issued a mail-out brochure to voters without the disclosure language printed on it.

The Election Board was not in receipt of a copy of Pratt’s brochure but received word of it from Pratt, according to Rencountre, and voted to issue the fine once it received evidence of the brochure.

With the 2012 general election now history, the candidates have until June 19 to submit their final campaign reporting statements. The next Election Board meeting has been set for June 20.