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Pawhuska Fitness Center gets a new look

The Osage Nation Fitness Center in Pawhuska is turning heads with its new refurbished look.

“The building looks larger and is more appealing to the eye,” said Pawhuska resident Stephanie Jensen. “The new paint makes it look cleaner and the floors also look much cleaner.”

The ON Fitness Center underwent a 2-month renovation from Aug. 6 to Oct. 2.

“It was a well needed renovation,” said Chris Harris, a fitness center instructor.

In a collaborated effort, the fitness center staff, the ON Tribal Development Department and the ON Tribal Works Department successfully renovated portions of the fitness center.

“Efficiency was and is one of the most important factors when renovating older structures such as the Pawhuska Fitness Center,” said Bruce Cass, director of ON Tribal Development and Land Acquisition Office.

The following updates were made to the fitness center:

The fitness center has newinsulation installed in the exterior walls of the main fitness floor area and the exterior of the building was repainted using a high reflective product. The high reflective product reduces the temperature of the exterior siding that ultimately transfers into the building. 

New energy-efficient appliances installed at the fitness center are two hot water tanks and two heating and air conditioning units with new ductwork to accommodate the main fitness floor area.

“With the installation of the new heating and air systems for the main fitness floor more fresh air is introduced to the conditioned space which also satisfies current code requirements,” Cass said. “This also helps to create a more inviting and comfortable space to work out.” 

Building crews added an exterior vestibule (entrance hall) to the main door to save on building energy costs.  

“This works as an aid in controlling the loss of energy or conditioned air freely flowing out of the building and prevents excessive heat on the surface of the main entrance doors that ultimately transfers into the facility,” Cass said. “Short version: It will save money.” 

Crews repaired minor roof leaks and removed the suspended ceiling from the main fitness floor area. New drywall and light fixtures are also installed.

Cass said the main fitness floor was stripped and waxed by the Tribal Works Department, who will now be responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the facility.

In addition, numerous code compliance issues regarding the electrical system have been addressed in the renovation project, Cass said.

Harris is enjoying the new look and space of his workplace.

“If you were in the gym before the renovation, the fitness machines weren’t organized or grouped together,” Harris said. “Now when you workout it’s a flow pattern from cardio to upper body to lower to abs – so when we are working with people it’s a big help having machines and movements that are close so we can sort of circuit train quicker.”

The fitness center is scheduled to undergo a second renovation phase that will address the bathrooms and create locker rooms.

“We are excited for phase two but we just hope it won’t take as long as phase one,” Harris said. “But fully-functional locker rooms will really help with our community outreach.”

Harris said the main floor of the fitness center will stay open but the other rooms will be closed. No date has been announced on when the second renovation phase will begin. 

The Pawhuska fitness center can be reached at (918) 287-1097