ON Education Department outreach services available for K-12 Students

Students have returned to school and the Osage Nation Department of Education has programs and services available to assist Osage students. The following tribally-funded programs are designed to assist students with the academic assistance and services they need to excel in their educational endeavors. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Anyone seeking additional information on these programs can contact Cherise Lookout (918) 287-5544 or .

To download an applications visit:

Sylvan Tutoring Program, Osage Nation Tutoring, ACT/SAT Testing Assistance,  and Close Up/NIEA

Sylvan Tutoring Program

The Osage Nation Sylvan Tutoring program is a nationwide program designed to serve as many Osage students as possible that are at academic risk for failing required subjects. The Education Department works collaboratively with families and Sylvan Learning Centers, across the nation with this effort. Eligible students receive payment assistance for tutoring on a monthly basis in one subject area program for up to $3,000. The funding amount does not include the initial testing or enrollment fees. The program coordinator will notify parents and cover the cost for approved applicants.

Sylvan eligibility requirements: Enrolled Osage, Student in grades K-12, at academic risk, and current grade report of “D” or below.

Osage Nation Tutoring Program

The Osage Nation Tutoring Program is designed to serve Osages attending school within the boundaries of the Osage Nation. The program serves as many Osage students, in K-12 grades, as possible that may be struggling academically. The Osage Nation contracts certified teachers and paraprofessionals to work with eligible students individually in core subject areas.

Osage Tutoring student eligibility requirements: Enrolled Osage, attend a public school within the Osage Nation, student in K-12th grade, at academic risk, and current grade report of “C” or below.

The Osage Nation continues to seek certified teachers, paraprofessional or classroom aides interested in working with the Osage students. The positions offer flexible scheduling, monthly paychecks, and work with students one-on-one. Interested applicants are provided a program review packet regarding program information and functions.

Teacher/Tutor Qualifications: Certified teacher or Paraprofessional/ Classroom Aide by school district.

ACT/SAT Testing Assistant Program

In order to promote college readiness the Education Department offers financial assistance for the ACT and SAT exams to Osages across the nation. They can receive prepayment or reimbursement for either of the exams. Applicants need to review the checklist of requirements for which they are applying.

Testing assistance eligibility requirements: Enrolled Osage, a student in grade 10-12 or high school graduate.

ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines: Registration deadlines will be Sept. 21, Nov. 2, Jan. 11, March 8, and May 3. Test dates will be Oct. 27, Dec. 8, Feb. 9, April 13 and June 8.

Close-Up/NIEA Washington, D.C. opportunity

This program is offered to Osage students nationwide who are high school juniors or seniors. The Osage Nation wants to provide our students with the opportunity to expand their understanding of government and its relevance on community.  This week-long experience provides the unique opportunity for students to live and learn with peers from tribes nationwide, meet with U.S. Congressional members and NIEA delegates. The experience enables them to understand their roles as dual citizens and prepare for leadership roles within the Osage Nation. The program is set for February 2013. Applications will be available in November with specific details and requirements.

Close Up/NIEA Eligibility Requirements: Enrolled Osage Member, Junior or Senior in high school, minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0, and provide additional application requirements.