The changing faces of the Chief’s Office

Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle is allowed an appointed staff and the players have changed since his inauguration in 2010.

Appointee Ashlee Hartness, wife of Red Eagle’s controversial pipeline consultant Rod Hartness, announced she will be leaving Red Eagle’s staff in March to work for Osage Casinos. She will be working in the office of Osage Casinos CEO Neil Cornelius.

Job descriptions and resumés of Red Eagle’s staff have never been disclosed to the public. According to the Nation’s Human Resources Director, Delary Walters, an organizational chart is being worked on. She said once Red Eagle “signs off” on the document she will inform the Osage News.

With ever-changing roles and responsibilities, here is a list of who occupies the Executive Branch building on “the hill.”

·      Principal Chief John Red Eagle, elected by majority vote of the Osage people in 2010. His term expires in 2014.

·      Linda Teeman, Special Assistant to the Chief. Teeman, 56 and non-Osage, has been Red Eagle’s special assistant since he was Assistant Principal Chief under the Jim Gray administration. Teeman’s known duties include arranging Red Eagle’s appointments, schedule, travel arrangements, managing executive office budgets and the executive office staff. Open Records Requests of the chief’s office go through Teeman.

·      Debra Atterberry, Senior Adviser to the Chief. Atterberry, 57 and Osage (Pawhuska District), joined Red Eagle’s staff after former Osage Congresswoman Faren Revard Anderson (Osage, Hominy District) departed Red Eagle’s staff in 2011. Atterberry is Red Eagle’s liaison with the Osage Nation Congress. She provides legislative analysis and writes proposed legislation for the Executive Branch and attends all congressional committee meetings. Atterberry was a member of the First Osage Nation Congress.

·      Raymond Lasley II, Executive Adviser of Programs. Lasley, Osage (Grayhorse District), has more than 20 years of previous service to the Nation and other tribal governments. Lasley makes sure programs are in compliance and perform efficiently. Lasley is also the point of contact for Wah-Sha-She Lake Park and the Osage LLC.  

·      Deidre Bigheart, Executive Director for Governmental Affairs. Bigheart, Osage (Grayhorse District), is the new liaison between the Office of the Principal Chief and other governments after Chris White departed Red Eagle’s staff in August of 2012. She was formerly the director of operations.

·      Ted Moore, Director of Tribal Operations. Moore, Osage (Grayhorse District), replaces Bigheart for the position. His duties include directly supervising the Nation’s Divisional leaders and program directors without division leaders. Currently there are two division leaders. Moore is also the husband of Red Eagle’s legal counsel, Terry Mason Moore, and was an education director for the tribe under the former government.

·      Everett Waller, Liaison to Minerals Council and Cultural Adviser.  Waller, 52 and Osage (Hominy District), reports to Red Eagle on the activities of the Osage Minerals Council. He also serves as a cultural adviser to various departments and organizations. He formerly served on the Osage Tribal Council under the former government.

·      Roseanne Sutton, Policy Analyst and Public Relations Writer. Sutton, non-Osage, is a former journalist for the Pawhuska Journal-Capital and has her law degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law. She replaces the late Leonard Maker.

Kristen Pratt, Executive Staff Assistant. Pratt, 27 and Osage (Hominy District), assists Red Eagle and his appointees. Pratt also worked under the Jim Gray administration and was retained by Red Eagle.


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