Chief Red Eagle terminates controversial Paul Allen contract after 39 days

Principal Chief John Red Eagle told the Congressional Select Committee of Inquiry he was going to terminate the controversial Paul Allen contract by the first of the year – and he did on Nov. 28.

The Allen contract is one of the six allegations the Third Osage Nation Congress voted unanimously to hold a removal trial for Red Eagle, which will be held on Jan. 13 with Osage Nation Supreme Court Justice Jeanine Logan presiding.

According to the SCOI report made public Oct. 28, allegation No. 12: Chief Red Eagle violated Osage and federal laws by misusing public money of the Osage Nation by authorizing Paul Allen to be paid $73,334.00 in Osage Nation public monies for personal services contracts, for which he admittedly did no work to earn his fees. The SCOI recommended the Osage Nation Congress place the allegation on a motion for removal for malfeasance in office, abuse of the government process and undermining the integrity of the office.

Red Eagle also admitted in sworn testimony to the SCOI that Allen did no work during the period of 2011-2013. Allen’s 2013 contract began on Oct. 1 and was supposed to have been valid until March 31, 2014 for the amount of $15,000.

According to the check registry for the period of Oct. 1 – Nov. 26, 2013, for the Executive Branch, Allen was paid $4,615.20 before the contract was terminated.

The scope of work Allen was to perform in the 2013 contract almost mirrors Allen’s 2012 contract, which was called into question. The difference in the scope of work is Allen is asked to provide website consulting and any other communications or website duties assigned by Red Eagle. In the 2012 contract Allen was supposed to be maintaining Red Eagle’s website, monitoring Red Eagle’s blog and posts on a weekly basis and producing a monthly newsletter.

Timeline of Events

Aug. 21 – Paul Allen interviewed by SCOI, admits doing no work for fees paid
Aug. 26 – Red Eagle interviewed by SCOI, admits Allen did no work
Oct. 21 – Chief Red Eagle signs renewal contract for Paul Allen
Oct. 28 – SCOI report made public
Nov. 8 – Osage News requests copy of 2013 Paul Allen contract
Nov. 18 – Red Eagle sends letter to Allen terminating contract, effective Nov. 28