Raymond Red Corn announces his candidacy for Asst. Principal Chief

Today I announce my candidacy for Assistant Chief of the Osage Nation.

Two themes dominate my platform – the importance of empowering the Osage Nation workforce, and bridging the gap between the Executive branch and Congress. The Assistant Principal Chief is in a perfect position to help make each of these goals a reality.

You may ask “Why is the empowerment of the Osage Nation workforce important to me or my family?” Because an empowered workforce will be more flexible in meeting your needs, better able to improve delivery of benefits and services, and be directly responsible for your satisfaction when you interact with the Osage Nation. Empowerment focuses the attention of front line work teams on the needs of you and your family, and gives them the tools, training and resources necessary to do their job and do it well.

The second focus is bridging the gap between Executive branch and Congress. In order for the Nation to move forward, the people that deliver benefits and services to the Osage public and the people that allocate resources must communicate with each other. The Assistant Principal Chief is a natural bridge to the Congress, and that is exactly how the position needs to be used. For this to work, the Assistant Principal Chief needs to know the Congress, their procedures, their personalities and their tendencies. It is possible for the two branches to work together. That’s what the Osage people want, and that is what I intend to make happen.

By now you have noticed that this announcement isn’t about the promise of new benefits and services. That is because eight years of experience have taught me an essential lesson about this organization; the first order of business is to get the fundamentals working properly. Those fundamentals include open and direct communication between the branches and a properly functioning workplace that emphasizes fairness in hiring, discipline, reward, and promotion. My background in business, management, and Osage government provides the direct experience necessary to reach these goals.

I believe we can do better. With the right leadership, communication and understanding will improve. With the right leadership, we will attract more qualified Osages to our workforce. With the right leadership, the focus will be on the needs of you and your family. Leadership matters.  If you agree, please support my candidacy for Assistant Principal Chief of the Osage Nation.

[Disclaimer: Candidate announcements are published without edits or changes from the Osage News staff.]