Margo Gray no longer under bench warrant advisement

Margo Gray is no longer under a bench warrant advisement by a district judge.

According to the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network, on Feb. 18 the asset hearing with the bench warrant under advisement for Gray set for March 6 in Tulsa County District Court was, “stricken per the request of the plaintiff’s attorney.”

The bench warrant advisement came after Gray missed an asset hearing on Jan. 9 after she received a summary judgment in the amount of $58,639.98. The judgment was for a breach of contract case after Terracon Company was not paid for construction work completed in 2006 and 2011 by Gray’s former company Horizon Engineering Services Co. She later dissolved Horizon and on May 30, 2013, she formed Margo Gray & Associates LLC.

Tulsa-based attorney Richard White of Barber & Bartz, who represented Terracon in the case, said the case has not been dismissed but Terracon is not pursuing collection of the summary judgment from Gray at this time.

“I don’t know what they’re (Terracon) going to do at this time,” White said. “It’s a valid judgment and it hasn’t been paid … Horizon (Gray) has not done anything to satisfy the debt.”

Gray issued a statement to the Osage News on Feb. 19: “A recent article in the Osage News headline implying that I was at risk of arrest has been proven incorrect. This kind of underhanded attack on my character is why good people are hesitant to run for office. I said then and court records prove now that the article was incorrect. This diversion is unfortunate because I've been talking about our people, our needs and our future and my opponents have been talking about me. We deserve better. 

“Now that this matter is closed, I have two hopes. The first is that the Osage News will now set the record straight with the same degree of intensity as was applied in the initial article. The second is that the Osage voters will see this entire episode for what it was: a failed effort to derail my candidacy and challenge my integrity.”

The Osage News stands by its Feb. 6 article, “Bench warrant under advisement for principal chief candidate.”

Gray did not comment on whether she settled with Terracon or the details surrounding the recent development in her case.