Election Results

Osage Nation Primary Election results announced

One hour after the polling place closed, the Osage Nation Election Office announced the results of the 2014 primary election for the Executive Branch’s top two offices.

The top two vote recipients in each respective race will advance to the June 2 general election for the voters’ consideration.

In complete but unofficial results, Principal Chief candidates Geoffrey Standing Bear and Margo Gray won the most votes in that race. Standing Bear received 1,080 votes or 60.47 percent. Gray received 359 votes or 20.10 percent.

Assistant Principal Chief candidates Raymond Red Corn and Amanda Proctor will also appear on the June 2 ballot. Red Corn received 707 votes or 39.50 percent and Proctor received 503 votes or 28.10 percent.

According to Election Supervisor Alexis Rencountre, a total of 1,798 voted in the Nation’s inaugural election with the majority of votes coming from absentee ballots. The vote breakdown is:

- Absentee ballots: 1,077

- Early voting on March 7: 139

- Early voting on March 8: 87

- In-person voting on March 10: 495

Other candidate vote results are:

In the Principal Chief’s race, Tom Boone placed third with 347 votes or 19.43 percent.

In the Assistant Principal Chief race, Terry Mason Moore placed third with 441 votes (24.64 percent); Randoph Crawford was fourth with 79 votes (4.41 percent); and James “Osage” Dailey received 60 votes or (3.35 percent).