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Candidates file for Third Osage Minerals Council

At the close of business April 3, thirteen candidates had filed for a seat on the Third Osage Minerals Council. And more are expected to file by the April 7 deadline.

"We think there might be about ten more filing," said Trey Rulo, Assistant Supervisor at the Osage Election Office. "I'd say there may be around 20 (candidates) all together."

Candidates are required to complete a 25-signature petition in order to qualify to run. Petitions must be completed and turned in by April 7 at 5 p.m. Each petition requires 25 different signatures from eligible Osage Mineral Estate shareholders.

"This is just how it's always been done," said incumbent candidate, Cynthia Boone about the petitions. "We have to have 25 headright owners who agree they want us to run." 

Eligibility to run also requires candidates be enrolled members of the Osage Nation, receive royalty income, and be 18 years of age or older on Election Day. The same guidelines apply for voters.

"Only lineal descendants from the 1906 Osage Allotment roll who will be 18 years of age or older on Election Day and whose names appear on the quarterly annuity roll at the Osage Agency as of the last quarterly payment … will be entitled to vote," according to the OMC Election Notice approved on March 20. The last quarterly payment for this election is March 2014.

The 13 candidates for the Third OMC as of April 3 are:

1.     Ray McClain
2.     Andrew Yates (Incumbent)
3.     Melvin Core (Incumbent)
4.     Myron Red Eagle (Incumbent)
5.     William St. John
6.     Galen Crum (Incumbent)
7.     Kathryn Red Corn
8.     Joseph “Blackbird” Cheshewalla
9.     Cynthia Boone (Incumbent)
10.   Cheryl Potts
11.    Linda Heskett
12.    Stephanie Erwin
13.    Curtis Bear (Incumbent)

Different than the Osage Nation General Election, the OMC election voting system is not a one vote per person.

"Each voter shall be entitled to cast one ballot and each ballot shall have exactly the same value as the voter's headright interest shown on the last quarterly annuity roll," according to the notice.

"Some (shareholders) have several headrights and some just have a small fraction of a headright," said Andrew Yates, OMC Chair, about the royalty amounts that translate into how much of a vote eligible shareholders have.

Yates also said there may be as many as 4,500 eligible voters who own the varying amounts of the original 2,229 headrights.

Sonny Abbott, council member and OMC Election Committee Chair, said the Code of Federal Regulations determine the election process, " ... then we select an election supervisor to run the election." Abbott added that the election process remains consistent with just the change of the election supervisor.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs provides the eligible voter list and royalty amounts to the Election Supervisor. True Ballot, LLC, has been contracted by the OMC to administer the on-site election and ballot counting.

The OMC appointed five judges, five clerks, the Election Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor to the Election Board, they are:

Michelle Hyatt, Judge
Angela Krebbs, Judge
Gary Weyl, Judge
Brenda Brunger, Judge
Rhonda Wallace, Judge
Judy Hight, Clerk
Rise Supernaw Proctor, Clerk
Rachel White, Clerk
Chelle Lookout, Clerk
Faren Revard, Supervisor
Trey Rulo, Assistant Supervisor

Election Day is Monday, June 2 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the OMC Council Chambers in Pawhuska. All applications for absentee ballots must be received by the Election Office, Friday, May 23, before 5 p.m. or picked up at the Election Office by the eligible voter any time prior to the opening of the poll at 8 a.m., June 2. The deadline for receiving absentee ballots is 8 a.m. Election Day.

For more information contact Faren Revard at (918) 287-5288, or