Letters to the Editor

I want to offer my thanks and deep appreciation to Ms. Stacy Laskey for offering her time and skills as she served the Osage Nation as a member of the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise Board. This is an exciting time in the history of our nation when we are busy developing our political intellect with a new constitutional government. At the same time, we are exercising our financial abilities with the opening of new revenue producing hotels and casinos. We are making tremendous gains on both fronts because of, and with, the help of people like Ms. Laskey. It is too easy for those that do not offer their services for the betterment of the tribe to sit back and spread rumors about tribal business they know nothing about, although this is not an uncommon habit in the Osage. And then we have Ms. Laskey, who not only served with diligence and honor, but chose to further take of her own time to speak to a dangerous and empty comment on the construction costs of the new Skiatook and Ponca City casino and hotels. I want to personally thank her for her service to the tribe and for her well-written article on the construction financing reporting system for the aforementioned facilities. Lastly, I want to restate what Chief Bighorse said in his recent State of the Nation address, “If current performance remains consistent through summer months, we expect to completely pay off the debt by the end of the fiscal year for both casinos.” Kudos to Ms. Laskey for her report and the members of the Gaming Board for their excellent work, we can only hope that professionalism such as this will continue to be the norm with our soon-to-be-elected government officials.


Gregory Woodell,
West Hollywood, Calif.