Letters to the Editor

I spent the Osage Tribe election week in Pawhuska and Osage County, I came home feeling good that we elected a good Chief, Assistant Chief, members to the Congress and the Minerals Council. After I got home I began reading over the post election “Osage News” and other items from the election. I was concerned that the United Osages of Southern California (UOSC) had scheduled a candidate forum a week before the election. As May came around, UOSC canceled the meeting. This in and of itself was odd. Then I learned that the facilitator for UOSC, who was Cynthia Boone’s brother, cancelled the meeting. Since UOSC voters represent the second largest group of absentee ballots outside of Oklahoma, I felt the cancellation of the UOSC meeting was to deny the local voters the opportunity to meet and make a decision of the best new candidates. As I sat at my desk today reviewing the official vote tallies of the Minerals Council election, I saw the winners were listed in two columns. One column denoted Absentee Votes and the other column denoted votes cast at the polls. As I stared at the totals, I noted that Ms. Boone came in second overall, but I also noted that she got more absentee vote than anyone else. Yet, when you look at the On Site votes, she came in seventh. It makes you wonder if UOSC had hosted a candidate forum as did the Northern California group, whether the outcome would have been the same. And there in lies the mystery of the absentee ballots of the 2014 Osage Election.


Gregory Woodell
West Hollywood, Calif.