Letters to the Editor

There are many of our brothers and sisters in the Native Community that are lost to the prison system. The young cannot afford to keep coming to prison – we as a people loose the most. When we are locked up we miss opportunities to help the elders, also learn the traditions of the old way. There are young brothers here with me that sometimes believe it is hopeless out there and think robbing, stealing, doing drugs is the only way. This is not true. I believe that the leadership of our Nation should take a closer look to help those in need, I also see there are young and old Native brothers that are incarcerated who also need to know that someone cares.

“We don’t want to be responsible” some would say. The older and young alike that are incarcerated could sometime receive a card, a letter, or even some money to buy hygiene products. I call out to the Osage Nation a plea for help. For my brothers and sisters that are in the system.

Together we can make a change for the better, “Don’t let us be forgotten.”

If anyone would like to help a brother incarcerated, you may contact me by snail mail: Timothy L. Aikens, 7449223-A324B, 2605 State St., Salem, Oregon, 97310. You can also send an email by going to: gettingout.com Just look for me, I’m in there.


Timothy Aikens
Salem, Ore.