2014 Tzi-Zho Session Day 10

2014 TZI-ZHO SESSION DAY 10: The Fourth Osage Nation Congress could start approving 2015 fiscal year budgets as early as Friday Sept. 12 when it reconvenes.

During Day 10’s session, the Congress referred the Office of the Chiefs $1.9 million budget (ONCA 14-64) for a second reading with no amendments.

Assistant Principal Chief Raymond Red Corn told the Congressional Governmental Operations Committee on Sept. 4 that two areas with increases in the budget are donations and equipment acquisition.

Red Corn said outdated computer equipment in the Chief’s office needs replacing and the office is planning on using the donations line item in considering donations for candidates in the upcoming Oklahoma gubernatorial election and local elections to assist regional candidates running for office.

Red Corn also said part of the Chief’s budget will be used for a first floor remodel in the Executive Branch building to address issues like stained carpeting and missing tile and wall trim, for example. “It’s going to look a lot better,” Red Corn said of the plans.

The Congress considered a budget modification to the Chief’s current FY 2014 budget during the July special session, which shifted available unspent money to the professional fees line item and the FY 2015 Chief’s office budget will reflect that budget modification to include those contracted positions that Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear requested at that time.

Contract positions in Chief Standing Bear’s office include a special projects consultant, wind farm consultant, general counsel, cultural representative and a policy/ procedure specialist.

The Congressional committees are still considering the governmental department and board/ commission budgets before the divisional budgets are submitted for final consideration by the entire Congress.

The Congress motioned to reconvene at 10 a.m. Sept. 12 in the Congressional office commons due to the Osage Minerals Council’s scheduled meeting at the same time in the Chambers building.

For more information on the Congressional Tzi-Zho Session, legislation and committee meetings, visit the Legislative Branch website