Osage ‘Family Farms’ wins big at Osage County Fair

Three Osage tribal members scored 11 ribbons at the Osage County Free Fair this year.

Family Farms, owned by Pauline Allred and ran by her son George Miller and in-law Thomas Trumbly, won ribbons for their vegetables in the agricultural division this year. The fair was held Sept. 4-6 at the Osage County Fairgrounds.

“We had an abundant year this year with our crops, better growth than the past two years,” Trumbly said.

George Miller (Osage): 1st place Cherry Tomatoes; 4th place Jalapeño Peppers; 8th place Okra.

Pauline Allred (Osage): 3rd place Peppers; 4th place Tomatoes; 6th place Okra.

Thomas Trumbly (Osage): 1st place Jalapeño Peppers; 1st place Garden Art; 2nd place Canned Jalapeños; 5th place Tomatoes; 7th place Okra. 

“Family Farms has been in our family for years and has been a hog farm, we had orchards and three gardens,” Allred said. “I have all the ribbons on my kitchen table. It was such a surprise to win in so many categories.”

The Osage County fair is free to everyone in Osage County to participate in and to enter into the various categories from livestock to agriculture to art and much more.

“Once we have put together the entry with the appropriate number of specimens, then each entry is evaluated for visible characteristics that will indicate quality of the specimen,” said Will Cubbage, Osage County Agricultural Educator at the OSU Extension in Pawhuska. “These include things like color and firmness to determine ripeness. Uniformity of shape and size of the specimen(s) is very important as well. Fruit and vegetables are not ‘taste tested.’ Judging is only done by outward appearance and characteristics already mentioned.”

Family farms has participated in the county fair for the past three years, entering produce grown in their gardens. Trumbly said that farming and gardening is a 24 hour a day job which includes working the land and tilling the garden, pulling weeds, planting and maintaining the garden and keeping rodents and other varmints out of the crops.

They have jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and okra and several other vegetables planted from new seeds to heirloom seeds, bought and given to the family.

“For the garden art entry I did the evolution of the Jalapeño pepper. I wanted it to be educational and art,” Trumbly said.  

Allred stated that since she is getting older and it is harder for her to get in and out of the garden she leaves the gardening to Trumbly and her son Miller. She gives input and advises on the daily operation with the garden and farm. 

For more information on the Osage County Free Fair contact the 4-H Extension office located at 628 Kihekah on the 2nd floor in Pawhuska or call Jessica Jantzen or Will Cubbage at (918) 287-4170.