Letters to the Editor

Response to political correctness

I would like to respond to those who attempt to justify prejudice and ignorance.

Why do you attack our Chief? Of course you were asked your opinion on all Osage matters. It was in the form of a vote! Now, if you didn’t vote you can still have your opinion. Our chief is our representative on all Osage matters. Would you expect the chief of the great Osage Nation to have the opinion that it’s okay to defame all Indians? I think not! Think back to the 60’s, the federal government had to stop people like George Wallace who wanted the status quo. My way of thinking isn’t too far from yours, but being mean spirited only inflames.

I have not yet met Chief Standing Bear, but I have talked to him on numerous occasions. First of all he loves the Osage people and truly wants to help. I find him to be honorable and sincere. I also consider him to be a friend. So, you can still have your opinion, but try being respectful. It will get you a lot farther in life.

Roger Duffey

Salem, Ore.