Letters to the Editor

Tribe is hurting FedEx employees

I am upset and ashamed that the leadership of our great tribe took the position opposing the Washington football team using the name Redskins. I consider their use of “Redskins” to be an honor for us Indians. I think the leadership should have checked into why that name. They named their team in HONOR of an Indian in their organization. This action is political correctness run amok. I oppose political correctness and will vote against those who practice it. By the way, while we are being ridiculous why not object to the use of Indians, braves, Seminoles, etc? Maybe the people of India should be offended that we are called Indians. To compound the error of our leaders, they called for boycott of FedEx. The use of a boycott should be reserved for very serious offense; not for such frivolous things as a team name. The result of boycott is that innocent employees have their livelihood threatened. It is very likely that many FedEx employees are Indian and possible that some are Osage. I am calling on the leadership of the tribe to end their senseless attack and their harmful action against FedEx. An apology to the Washington Redskins is in order.    

Frank Sandford

Spokane, Wash.