Letters to the Editor

What’s in a name?

I appreciate Mr. Dale Kearney’s comments in the Letters to the Editor of the Nov 2014 issue. Like me, he wonders what’s wrong with the use of “Redskins” as a team name. Teams always pick strong, capable mascots for their name (e.g. Detroit Lions, New York Giants). If anything, we should be flattered our heritage is represented. Also like me, Mr. Kearney is an off-res member proud to be on the Osage rolls. I enjoy my Osage News to keep in touch and always follow elections and other activities.

Mr. Kearney and I seem to differ, though, regarding our new Principal Chief. I’m thrilled he cares about waste, is actively engaged, and is doing his best! I can’t accept Chief Standing Bear’s challenge to boycott FedEx, though. The Redskins were named in 1932. That’s 80 years of tribal members not being offended. Why are we choosing to suddenly be offended by a name, which actually reflects our strength and victories?


Lori Anderson

Troy, Mo.