Former ON Child Support Services worker’s case delayed to mid-April

The Osage Nation Trial Court case of the former Osage Nation employee accused of breaking the Nation’s open records and child support enforcement laws is continued until mid-April.

According to the tribal court schedule, the case involving defendant Kathleen “Kathy” Sherwood is rescheduled for April 16. A former ON Child Support Services process server, Sherwood is alleged to have violated the Nation’s open records and child support laws 50 times when she disclosed client information to an ON Human Resources grievance committee that was meeting to consider her appeal regarding disciplinary action filed against her. Outgoing ON Attorney General Jeff Jones filed the case against Sherwood following her termination in summer 2014.

Sherwood failed to appear at two scheduled court dates in February and protested Jones’s representation in the case. Sherwood filed a motion to dismiss the case in December and argued she believed she would not get a fair trial if Jones represented the Nation and also argued she is not subject to the Nation’s jurisdiction as a non-Osage and non-resident of the Nation/Osage County.

Jones told the court that the Nation is prepared to go forward with trial and a summons was served to Sherwood before the case was continued.

As a result of the February no-shows, presiding Trial Court Chief Judge Marvin Stepson denied Sherwood’s motion to dismiss and scheduled a pre-trial date for March 26, which did not take place due to the continuance.