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Osage campus nearing completion

Two new buildings part of the Osage Nation Campus Master Plan are nearing completion as their May 15 substantial completion date nears.

According to Bruce Cass, Tribal Land Development and Acquisition director, the contract with Penta Building Group was amended with the new date for May 15. Substantial completion means the Nation’s employees can begin to move in to the buildings as other work, such as moving in of desks, Information Technology, and other work is completed.

“We’ve experienced a few delays with construction, scheduling, and weather impacts have created some of the need for the extension of the contract dates,” Cass said. “But we feel like the project’s progressing pretty well.”

The two new buildings are an office building and the Welcome Center, the focal point of the campus. The office building will be completed first and will house the ON Police Department, Emergency Management department, the Attorney General’s office, the Treasury and Accounting departments.

The Welcome Center will house the Human Resources office, Strategic Planning & Grants Management, Prevention Program, Tax Commission, Constituent Services and the Tribal Membership office.

Cass said they anticipate laying asphalt for the new roads around the campus in late April which will include the circle drive in front of the Welcome Center, curbs, laying down of top soil and landscaping.

“That Welcome Center has always been the critical path of the plan,” Cass said. “There’s always impacts to schedules, material deliveries, rain, it’s a challenge to understand that one day of rain doesn’t just set you back one day because everything has to dry out and it could set you back 3-4 days. The plan is progressing well despite some of the delays.” 

The Third Osage Nation Congress voted to appropriate $13 million toward building phase one of the new government campus master plan on April 18.