ON Congress confirms 13 for board and commission posts

The Fourth Osage Nation Congress confirmed 13 individuals for several ON boards and commissions during the 2015 Hun-Kah Session that ended April 27.

Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear appointed the individuals to respective boards and commission posts, which are then subject to confirmation by the Congress during regular 24-day sessions. The appointments received initial consideration by the Congressional committees of jurisdiction before being considered by the entire Congress for a floor vote of confirmation.

The Congress confirmed the following individuals to the Nation’s respective boards and commissions after receiving recommendations from the committees stating those people were qualified for the posts with no legal or ethical barriers:

Grayhorse Indian Village Five-Man Board: Carol Kliesen and Mark Freeman IV. Both are reappointments.

Election Board (alternate members): Anita Fields and Gary Weyl. Fields was reappointed for an alternate position and this is the first term for Weyl. Alternate Election Board members serve in case a sitting board member must recuse themselves due to circumstances that include conflicts of interest.

Gaming Commission: Michael Kidder (initial term)

Health Authority Board: Cecelia Tallchief will serve her first term on this board. Previously, Tallchief served on the now-defunct Health and Wellness Advisory Board during the administrations of Chiefs Jim Gray and John Red Eagle. She’s also served on the Nation’s Home Health Board.

Traditional Cultural Advisors Committee: Charles Red Corn was reappointed to the board and Richard Luttrell will serve his initial term.

Foundation Board: Julie O’Keefe and Alex Skibine were both reappointed to the board.

Osage Limited Liability Company Board: Raymond Hankins and Phillip Morrow. This is the first-time board confirmations for both Hankins and Morrow.

Osage Nation Energy Services, LLC Board: Charles Hessert is a reappointee for the ONES LLC board.