ON Congress passes FY 2016 governmental budgets

With one day left in the fiscal year, the Fourth Osage Nation Congress passed the remaining governmental operations budgets during the Sept. 29 session.

On Day 19 of the Tzi-Zho Session, the Congress held committee meetings and the rules and ethics committee prepared the amended budgets for final votes, which took place around 6:30 p.m.

Those budget bills passing Sept. 29 were sent to Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear’s office for his review and action. Standing Bear said he received the budgets shortly after 8 a.m. the following day.

The remaining operations budgets passing are:

  • ONCA 15-78: Attorney General’s Office - $944,616
  • ONCA 15-79: Principal Chief’s Office – $1.7 million
  • ONCA 15-80: Legislative Branch - $2.3 million (became law Sept. 17)
  • ONCA 15-81: Judicial Branch: $391,000
  • ONCA 15-82: Land, Commerce and Public Safety Division - $10 million
  • ONCA 15-83: Health, Fitness, Wellness Division: $15 million
  • ONCA 15-84: Government Operations Division: $19 million
  • ONCA 15-85: Education and Early Childhood Division: $8 million
  • ONCA 15-86: Cultural Preservation, Arts, Heritage and Language Division: $3 million
  • ONCA 15-87: Child, Family and Senior Community Services Division: $3 million


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