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Buffalo Thunder: 

Lightning never strikes twice . A blue white thunderbolt is blazing across the Osage Nation and it is time to make our move. Special thanks to the members of the Osage Congress who voted to pass ONCR 16-24 and our Chief, who signed the bill the same day. “This purchase marks the largest repatriation of land from our Oklahoma Reservation since it was allotted in 1906.”

“The Bluestem Ranch is a working ranch that specializes in Bison production.”  It also offers hunting trips, hunting leases and was the winner of the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Management “Land Owner of the Year 2011” award. The most exciting possibility for our Nation from this purchase would be the ability to create “Osage Tallgrass Beef and Bison LLC” a comprehensive bison and cattle business that would cover every aspect of production from the pasture to the table. 

The ranch already has an established bison herd. There are a number of Osage families already engaged in raising cattle in Osage County, who could be called on to help the start up the cattle herds on this “working ranch.” We could feature “Osage Tallgrass Beef and Bison” on the menus at our casinos and add the brand to our casino advertising. 

It could also be marketed through our existing casino marketing department. We could then build a packing plant to pack and ship the meat. This is an excellent chance to create jobs for our people and build a business outside of gaming. Beef and bison prices have been high for a long time and grass fed adds a premium. I would submit that selling “Tallgrass” fed would create a unique place for us in the market. This is not a new idea. It is something we have discussed and dreamed about for years. Once again, kudos to Congress and the Chief for taking this bold step. Let us be thankful that we have been given this great opportunity to build a lasting non-gaming industry that will provide a brighter future for ourselves and future generations of the Osage Nation.

Jim Ryan

San Antonio, Texas