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To My Osage Family: 

This last May-June, I had the chance to take a vacation to visit where I was born (Nebraska). It was a reward for surviving a bad car accident (I broke 27 bones) 10 years ago.

I also visited where my dad (Douglas Walter Duffey) was born (Elgin, Kans.). He was a great athlete and WWII Marine and Navy pilot.

Now to my surprise at 61 years old, I found out I have a living uncle only 10 years older than me who is Darrell Boulanger. I’m looking forward to meeting other relatives at the Boulanger family reunion this May.

I had the chance to meet Chief Standing Bear and we are the same age. My daughter Elizabeth Rose and Chief have the same exact birthday.

I must say we spent a little time together and he showed me a lot including Fairfax, Hominy, Osage graveyard, the Osage Nation Museum, Fred Lookout’s land and more.

We couldn’t be in better hands. Now normally I don’t trust lawyers, but I would trust this man with my life! Very honorable, knowledgeable and down to Earth. Thanks Chief, you made my trip a once in a lifetime thing!

Roger Duffey 

Salem, Oregon