Hank Hainzinger announces his candidacy for the Fifth Osage Nation Congress

By Hank Hainzinger

I want to thank my friends, family, and supporters for their confidence and encouragement as I announce my candidacy for the Osage Nation Congress. It is energizing that we, again, have the opportunity to choose officials to represent our beliefs and values. Four years ago during the ON Congress debates, I was asked the question “Do you feel it’s important for the Nation to buy back Osage original reservation lands”? My answer was simple; I said I wanted to see Osages own Osage land. I added, “I’d rather see an Osage own our land than some guy that lives in Hollywood”. I don’t think anyone would have believed that 4 short years later we WOULD own that “guy from Hollywood’s” ranch.  This goes to show some of the long term planning and decision making our leaders have been doing. We have some innovative thinkers that serve us in Congress. We have lawyers, doctors, businessmen, accountants, but we don’t have anyone who has spent their lifetime in ranching and agriculture. I am the 4th generation in my family to make a living from our original allotment of land. In the past 20 years my wife and I have doubled our land and we continue to work to add to it. When I talk about how important it is for Osages to own Osage land, it’s because I live it. It doesn’t matter if you live in Osage county, or California, or Texas, or wherever. Osage county is OUR land. The old saying goes, “they won’t make any more land”. This is literally the foundation for our future. Fifty years from now, who knows if there will be casinos or oil, but I promise you there will be land. I believe that my 30 plus years of experience in ranching, cattle, and agriculture along with my work ethic and common sense give me a unique perspective that is needed now more than ever at the congressional level.

I attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Ag Business. My parents are Henry and Ora Lee (Colby) Hainzinger. My wife of 20 years, Sara, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and works in Osage county at Edwin Fair Community Mental Health Center. We have 3 children (H.L. is 13, Mary Lee is 14, and Sadie is 18).

My priorities are providing education and opportunities to ALL our youth. Taking care of the elderly and providing them the ability to live out their years with dignity. I would like to continue to explore new sources of revenue to increase funding to programs such as the medical reimbursement card that benefits everyone, no matter where you live. And I would like to see “Osage lands in Osage hands”. Want to know more about me? Ask your friends and neighbors. They will tell you I am a good natured family man with integrity and common sense. I work hard and can get along with anyone. We are fortunate to have such a diverse and talented group of Osage candidates.  I encourage all Osages to FULLY utilize your voting privilege and choose whoever you feel are the best 6 candidates to represent your beliefs. Thank you for your support.


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