Osage youth participate in Native American Youth Language Fair

Live it. Learn it. Speak it.

That was the message Osage language students wore on their red T-shirts at the 14th Annual Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair this year. The fair was held at the Sam Noble Natural History Museum in Norman, Okla., on April 4.

Osage language students ages 3 and up competed in various categories, which included individual spoken prayers, group performances, group songs, individual songs, skits, posters, and more.

Competing for the first time was the Osage Immersion Program, ages 2-4. The students sang their numbers from 1 to 10 in the Osage language. They identified animals, colors and numbers in Osage using signs and stuffed animals.

“I thought the children did great,” said Immersion teacher Donna Barrone, who treated all the children to lunch at Chuck E. Cheese’s in Norman afterward.

The Immersion Program won third place in their group, with all students receiving medals and a third place trophy.

Competing in the 3rd-5th grade Large Group Traditional Song category were students from the Grayhorse Osage language site. Immersion teacher and Grayhorse site teacher Tracey Moore, led the students onto the stage.

The students performed “Osage Children’s Song,” a song composed by Henry Collins, a Ponca singer.

See below for the complete list of winners:

2016 ONAYLF Winners:

PreK-5th Grades

  • 3rd-5th Small Group Spoken Language
    • 3rd Place- Henry Pratt, Kristo Revard, and Michaela Pratt
      • Introductions in Osage Nation
      • PreK-2nd Large Group Spoken Language
        • 3rd Place- Wah zha zhe zheen kah zheen apa
          • An Osage Story
          • Immersion Program
          • PreK-2nd Individual Spoke Prayer
            • 2nd Place- Kynlie Jones
              • Osage Prayer
              • Osage Immersion Program
              • 3rd-5th Individual Spoken Prayer
                • 2nd Place- Alex Elizondo
                  • Osage Lord’s Prayer
  • Honorable Mention- Emmary Elizondo3rd Place- Kristo Revard
    • Osage Lord’s Prayer
    • 3rd-5th Large Group Traditional Song
      • Honorable Mention- Osage Language Grayhorse Children
        • Osage Children’s Song
        • PreK-2nd Comic Books and Cartoons
          • 1st Place- Michaela Pratt
            • The War is Starting
            • 3rd-5th Comic Books and Cartoons
              • 2nd Place- Henry Pratt
                • My Life
    • Fun at School
    • PreK-2nd Poster Art
      • Honorable Mention- Jacee Leach
      • Honorable Mention- Blythe Hall
      • 3rd-5th Poster Art
        • Honorable Mention- Anna Rose Cox
        • Honorable Mention- Josie Lookout

6th-12th Grades

        • 9th-12th Individual Spoken Prayer
          • 3rd Place- TJ Redcorn
            • Osage Prayer
  • Honorable Mention-Noah Shadlow
    • Lord’s Prayer
  • Honorable Mention-Jade Jones
    • Prayer for Osage Language
  • Honorable Mention-Alissa Hamilton
    • Lord’s Prayer
    • 6th – 8th Individual Spoken Prayer
      • 3rd Place- Lily Jones
        • Prayer at Mealtime
        • 9th-12th Written Poetry
          • 3rd Place- Naomi Gray
            • Rain
            • 6th-8th Poster Art
              • 1st Place- Lily Jones
              • 9th-12th Poster Art
                • Honorable Mention- James Young