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Osage woman starts Serendipity Beauty College in Bartlesville

Since the 1960’s the Bartlesville Beauty College and the Ponca City Beauty College have been staples in the community, a place where thousands have gone to school to become licensed beauticians and barbers.

Until recently, the two schools were sister schools but Osage tribal member Rebecca Tiger-Nuttle bought the Bartlesville Beauty College this summer after it came up for sale and renamed it Serendipity Beauty College. The college remains Oklahoma State Board Certified and is no longer affiliated with the Ponca City Beauty College.

“While I was attending the Beauty College in Ponca City there were people coming from Bartlesville to attend the school and I decided to buy the Bartlesville College when I heard it was available,” Tiger-Nuttle said.

She still lives in Ponca City with her family and she has completed her Cosmetology license at the Ponca City Beauty College. She said after she finds a home in Bartlesville she will make the transition and become an instructor for a portion of the classes, she said. She is very excited to be learning right along with her students.

The name Serendipity Beauty College is a name she and her mother picked after a brainstorming session. She said this wouldn’t be possible without the support of her family.

The Serendipity Beauty College began taking students in August and they currently have 10 students enrolled. Most of the current students are Osage tribal members.

The college has one full-time Oklahoma State Board Certified instructor and one part-time instructor. Cindy Miller is the lead instructor and has 24 years experience.

The school offers education in the field of Basic Cosmetology, Barbering, Manicurist/Nail Tech and Master Instructor. 

The students learn about Theory, practice hair on mannequin heads, and they also service clients who are walk-ins. Since it is a learning environment the prices are a reasonable price, Tiger-Nuttle said.

Tuition includes an extensive kit that has all the up and coming Chi products, some of the most used in the professional world of beauty, she said. It also has the fees and tuition and labs included. The price for the Basic Cosmetology course is $11,500 and Manicurist/Nail Tech is $7,550. To become a Master Teacher the cost of the course is $8,000.

Upon completion, the students will go to Oklahoma City to become licensed. The test includes passing a state board test that includes written and hands on testing. Financial aid will be offered soon, she said. Enrollment is open year round. Requirements include a valid ID, High School diploma or GED.

“I love doing people’s hair and making them feel good,” said LaTonya West, a student at Serendipity Beauty College.

Tiger-Nuttle said the school offers discounted prices to Osages and to veterans.

Tiger-Nuttle is from the Grayhorse district and is the daughter of Bruce Tiger and the granddaughter of Judy Tiger. She is married to Samuel Nuttle and is a mother of two.

Serendipity Beauty College is located at 108 S. Seneca Ave, in Bartlesville. For more information call (918) 338-2055; visit their website at or like their Facebook page at