Congress revises 2017 projected revenue figure again

During the Dec. 2 special session, the Fifth Osage Nation Congress voted unanimously to approve a resolution revising the 2017 fiscal year projected revenue.

The FY 2017 projected revenue received its second revision this year after the Congress voted unanimously to pass a resolution (ONCR 17-08 sponsored by Congressman Ron Shaw). According to ONCR 17-08, the revised projected revenue is decreased to $110.6 million from $111.5 million.

Shaw, currently chairman of the Congressional Appropriations Committee, said the revised projected revenue amount includes the $960,000 settlement recently awarded to the Nation as part of the Ramah Navajo Chapter, et. al. v. Jewell case settlement.

The revised projected revenue no longer includes $30,000 in program or department income that was deleted after appropriation committee discussions, Shaw said. Also removed is $1.9 million in unappropriated funds from FY 2016. This figure was removed after the committee agreed the money would not be available until after the Nation’s annual audit is completed and reported by the Treasurer, Shaw said.

Shaw said unobligated funds from FY 2015 – also referred to as “carryover funds” – is now under a new category for restricted funds as part of the recently created retained revenue fund. The retained revenue fund contains $2.9 million, according to ONCR 17-08.

Other restricted funds include $3.2 million from the Nation’s Indian Health Service multi-year funding agreement for the Wah-Zha-Zhi Health Center and $30.8 million in the permanent fund.

Also, according to ONCR 17-08, the Nation is projected to receive $48 million in tribal revenue and $25.5 million in non-tribal revenue from sources including federal grants.