Letters to the Editor

I’m confused why the Osage Minerals Council is suing our Nation. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? I thought the Osage Minerals Council was voted to represent its shareholders, but you seem to be wasting shareholder money on a frivolous lawsuit. As a headright holder, I don’t remember receiving any surveys from the OMC asking for my opinion or input. I would much rather have the money from this frivolous lawsuit spent on hiring a respected consultant (like Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young or KPMG) to advise us on how to maximize the minerals estate such as claiming royalties from the entire life of the product, instead of a one-time leasing fee.

I am very proud of our Osage Nation Constitution. When you took office, you swore to defend that document, yet you are doing the exact opposite. I feel several members of the Osage Minerals Council have lost their way; they've become unfocused. I believe in change and progress; in moving forward, not going backwards. That's why I will not support those who defend breaking away from the Osage Nation. As a reminder, those who voted to sue the Osage Nation were:

  • Stephanie Erwin (the resolution's sponsor)
  • Cynthia Boone
  • Kathryn Red Corn
  • Joe Cheshewalla

I beg the gang of five to make your wrong right and rescind your lawsuit immediately. Get back to work on something meaningful and maximize royalties from our land.

Reminder, all Osage Mineral Council representatives will be up for reelection June 4, 2018 … get out and cast your vote!


Jeff Peak,

Santa Monica, CA