Angela Pratt announces her candidacy for the Osage Nation Congress

By Angela Pratt

My name is Angela Pratt and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Osage Nation Congress.

For the past 4 years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving our Osage people. Four years ago, I made 4 promises: to work hard, to listen to you, to communicate with you and give my best to find solutions. I believe that I have kept my promises. I have worked hard to be an involved member of Congress to obtain the information needed to make informed decisions on your behalf.

During my time on Congress, I have served on every Standing and Select Committees. I have held the position of Chair and Vice-Chair for several committees and had the Honor of being elected as Speaker of Congress in September 2016 and was unanimously re-elected to that position in April 2017.

I have outstanding Congressional Session and Committee attendance records. I have been a strong voice for you and will continue. I have a good working relationship with our current leaders and continue to work towards improving communication between the branches.

I am currently an Ex-officio member of the Osage Veterans Memorial Commission. In April 2017, I sponsored an appropriation bill for $1,100,000 dollars to establish an Osage Veterans Memorial. It has been a pleasure serving on the Commission as we work towards honoring all Osage Veterans. I served in the United States Army as a 14T/Patriot Missile Crewmember and received an Honorable Discharge. I am a proud Veteran who is honored to have served our Country and grateful for the opportunities to support and represent our Veterans locally and at the White House. 

I have supported and sponsored legislation for direct benefits to all Osages; Health, Education and Burial Assistance as well as legislation for our language, elders, social services and veterans. We have a need to expand our economic development to maintain and increase our services.  Should I be re-elected, I plan to focus on additional services for our elders, transportation and health and social services.

My husband Edward and I reside in Skiatook, OK and I am the proud mother of Gabriel, Isaac, Christen, Edward, Henry Amos and Samuel. My parents are the late Dr. Michael Pratt, Sr. and Patricia Barnes Pratt. Maternal grandparents are the late Angie Malone Barnes and Jerome Barnes, Sr. Maternal great grandparents are the late Nellie Morrell Roubidoux and George Pratt, Sr. and the late Rose McDougan Malone and Ralph Malone, Sr. Paternal grandparents are the late Lottie Shunkamolah Pratt and Charles Pratt, Sr. and the late Margaret and Joe Shunkamolah. I am Zon-Zo-Li District and have been a committee cook for several years.  

I am confident that I have given you my best effort and I hope that I can continue to serve you.  I humbly ask for your Vote to Re-Elect me on June 4, 2018.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 918-720-2043 or