Paul Revard announces his candidacy for the Osage Minerals Council

By Paul Revard

I am one of seven children of George & Patricia Revard.  I have two children, two granddaughters, and one great grandson. My father George E. Revard was a petroleum geologist raised in Pawhuska, OK; he served on the Osage Tribal Council during the 1960’s and again in the 1980’s. His grandfather, Franklin N. Revard also served on the Osage Council for 30 consecutive years and continued serving as Council Secretary for another twelve years.

The primary reason I am running for Osage Minerals Council is to offer my extensive forty years of experience in oil and gas exploration and development of our mineral estate; if elected, I will uphold the Mission of the Osage Minerals Council Declaration to administer and develop the Osage Mineral Estate in accordance with the act of June 28th, 1906, as amended.

The daily oil production from the Osage Mineral Estate is rapidly declining. This decrease is largely due to the restrictions and unreasonable policies imposed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) beginning in the summer of 2014; these new policies make it more difficult for the current Osage producers to further develop their oil and gas leases and discourage new outside producers from considering doing business within our Osage Mineral Estate.  If elected, I will work towards reversing the decline in our oil and gas production which will increase our quarterly payments.  The current Osage Minerals Council members have confronted the Superintendent of the BIA on a regular basis challenging her damaging policies but unfortunately, their plea to the Superintendent has not resulted in reversing the BIA’s restrictions, to-date.  Once I am elected, I expect to be briefed by the current Osage Minerals Council Members as to their past efforts and will work with all Council Members to apply even more pressure on the BIA to obtain relief.  I believe that the Osage Minerals Council should continue its efforts to develop a relationship directly with the Department of Interior in Washington, D.C. in an attempt to expose the devastating actions that the BIA has imposed on our Osage Mineral Estate and seek their assistance in gaining relief.            

If elected, I will also work towards the following:

  • To be transparent and communicate all business effecting our Osage Mineral Estate with Annuitants.   
  • Assist in resolving surface damage issues between the producers and surface owners; seek additional funds to restore abandoned well sites.
  • Promote a reduced time period to obtain BIA’s approval for leasing and permitting that is in line with reasonable industry standards and is not disproportionately burdensome.
  • Demand access to our own well records from the BIA.
  • Propose to establish a board of specialists, as needed, to consult and advise the Osage Minerals Council on issues such as; marketing of oil and gas products, gas pipeline expansions and new technologies.

Thank you for considering voting for Paul Revard (Ballot #3) on June 4, 2018.