Susan Revard Forman announces her candidacy for the Osage Minerals Council

By Susan Revard Forman

Susan Revard Forman is my name on the Osage Minerals Council Ballot #9.  I am running for the Osage Minerals Council (OMC) to bring 34 years of Natural Gas Marketing experience to the management of the Mineral Estate (ME).  Since the Settlement with the Federal Government at the end of 2011, we have been underpaid for Natural gas over $60.5 MILLION and our oil production is down 4,000 bbl/day costing the ME hundreds of millions of dollars.  I am running for OMC to REVERSE THIS DEVASTATING TREND!  

I would love the opportunity to accomplish getting market value for our natural gas in addition to using my skills and knowledge in operations, production, accounting, leasing, and contract negotiation.  Fifteen years of managing a Natural Gas Marketing department taught me the importance of effective communication, strong leadership, and team work.  Analysis and problem solving skills are a must for this complicated industry and I will deliver!

As a Headright Owner with technical understanding of the huge sums of money we have lost, I can no longer take a back seat to Mineral Estate affairs.  I believe my expertise will complement the administration and development of the Mineral Estate as provided by the ON Constitution in accordance with the Osage Allotment Act of June 28, 1906.

Since 2009 I have shared my expertise with OMC1, OMC2 and OMC3 and I gladly volunteered to serve on 6 Osage Oil & Gas Summit planning committees.  Currently, I am Chairman of the Osage Shareholder Association and have served on its Executive Committee for the last four years.  We have had explosive growth in the number of concerned members and are now live broadcasting our meetings to reach out to all OSA members around the globe.  For nine years I have had the pleasure to get to know many of my fellow Osage citizens and it is clear that many depend on the ME Quarterly Payment to make ends meet. If given the opportunity to serve the Annuitants, I pledge to position the ME for long-term profitability and growth which means increased payments you can count on!

My Great-Grandfather, Franklin Revard (served on the Tribal Council 30 years and was interpreter for the Chiefs in DC), and my maternal Grandmother, Pearl Devine, are Original Allottees. My mother, Julia Ryan was born and raised in Pawhuska. I was raised with 5 siblings in a Military family. Married 46 years this coming May 2018, I have two adult children (Jason & Amanda).  Please take a few minutes to visit my Facebook page Susan RevardForman to see pictures of my family and read about my ideas for the Osage Mineral Estate.

The OMC Absentee Ballot request forms have been mailed.  It is imperative that all eligible voters have their voices heard as to how they want our $4 Billion ME to be managed.  No matter how small your fractional interest, please fill out your OMC Ballot and send it in!

I respectfully ask for your vote this June 4th.