R.E. Yarbrough announces candidacy for Osage Minerals Council

By R.E. Yarbrough

My name is R.E. Yarbrough and I am from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. I am the son of the late Zeke Yarbrough and Mary Ann Hill Simpkins. My Osage name is Ponca Wah Tian ka. I am a former Pawhuska Drum Keeper and the grandson of original allottee, Rose Neal Hill.

After graduating from Pawhuska High School I attended the University of Oklahoma from 1972 – 1976, majoring in Public Administration for a year. I then returned to Pawhuska and worked in the oil field until 1980.

I attended Tulsa University for a year. I worked for various construction companies and did intermittent oil field work through the years while continuing my higher education. I received an Associate of Liberal Arts Degree from Haskell Indian University in 1984.

My first job working with the Osage Nation was in the Maintenance Department in the summers of high school under Mr. Shrock. I returned to work for the Osage Nation in 1994 as a Warehouse Supervisor for the Food Distribution Program. In 1998 I received a degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma. That same year I took the position of Career Development Specialists for the TANF Program. I became the Director of that program in 2003 and resigned from that position in 2008.

I was also Chairman of the Osage Shareholders Association from 2005 – 2006 and 2016 – 2017.

There are a lot of processes that take place from the oil field to the U.S. Treasury each day, each month and each quarter before payment is generated to the Shareholders. Many changes have taken place among the Osage people and the Minerals Estate. In retrospect, it is time to re-evaluate these changes and refine these processes in order to determine what will work best for the Osage Shareholders in the future. Above all, we must work to PROTECT AND PRESERVE THE MINERALS ESTATE.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve you and would appreciate your vote at the next Minerals Council Election on June 4, 2018. VOTE #1

I am in a position to devote my full attention to the Osage Minerals Council for the betterment of the Minerals Estate.

If elected, my goals will be to: 1. Ensure the 1906 Act and Amendments remain in full force and effect. 2. Improve gas operations for higher production and better reporting. Improve accountability and royalties from gas operations. 3. Work to continue securing water rights as set out in the 1906 Act and 25CFR, Part 226. 4. Examine leases for developing and choose the best technology to recover oil. 5. Have experts examine and evaluate remaining oil and gas reserves. 6. Work to complete mapping programs of oil and gas leases. 7. Work to negotiate oil and gas leases and agreements for the benefit of the Minerals Estate and Shareholders. 8. Put the best interest of the Minerals Estate and the Shareholders FIRST AND FOREMOST.

If you have any questions regarding my position, please feel free to contact me at (918) 671-3940