Linda Heskett announces her candidacy for Osage Minerals Council

By Linda Heskett

Vote Linda Heskett #8 on the Ballot  

Our Mineral Estate today faces many obstacles. Wind farms, undo regulation and overreach by varying governmental agencies, large ranching operations, unsympathetic local authorities, infighting, and risk from those seeking to gamble our Mineral Estate on nationalist ideologies or unproven business schemes.

As recent victories have shown when we stand together as Headright Holders our position is one of strength, and the 1906 Act has proven to be a beadrock of reliable stability. Even as the talking heads of social media and members of our own government dismissed the Headright Holders ability to fight wind farms, to fight the BLM, to fight TERA, to fight the Negotiated Rule Making Committee we have enjoyed a string of successes by standing together and fighting on our own as Headright Holders.

There is still much work to be done. We must finish our fights to secure our future. We must hold the BIA accountable for their actions and in – actions. The wind companies must be made to remove their intrusions into our Mineral Estate. Further we must not allow our Mineral Estate to be compacted, thereby introducing another set of regulator and allowing the Federal Government to shirk it obligations and responsibilities to we the Headright Holders.

Why a vote for Linda Heskett is a vote of belief in the Mineral Estate. I am engaged with the Mineral Estate and familiar with the issues it faces. I have been, and am, a regular attendant of all Mineral’s meetings. I have a proven track record of supporting our Mineral Estate and fighting any intrustion or attempt to take our property by any entity. I am a strong proponent of the 1906 Act and the sovereignty of our Mineral Estate. Finally, because I will be an unyielding voice of support and strength for maintaining what our forefathers have secured and passed down to us.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (918) 642-5648

Remember to vote Linda Heskett candidate #8 on the ballot.