Osage Nation now offering Crisis Text Line service for intervention situations

The Osage Nation is partnering with Crisis Text Line to offer intervention services to anyone experiencing crisis situations including family and domestic violence, bullying, anxiety, and thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

Crisis Text Line is a confidential service for those needing to connect with someone to discuss their situation, according to an ON news release. Anyone in a crisis can text “OSAGE” to 741741 to be connected live with a trained crisis counselor.

“The service is for all sorts of crisis, and that includes the youth who are more likely to text for help rather than ask or call, especially if they are dealing with the types of issues our youth face today like problems at school, relationships, family, and especially life-threatening situations,” said Anthony Shackleford, Osage Nation Prevention Program director in the release. The Prevention Program is one of the ON departments that worked to bring the crisis text service to the Osage Reservation/Osage County service area and Osages nationwide. 

The life-saving helpline is there for anyone experiencing any type of crisis including suicidal thoughts, family and domestic violence, sexual assault, anxiety, self-harm, stress, bullying and more, the release states.

The opportunity to provide a text line to current crisis support systems that track data is something the Osage Nation Information Technologies Department is excited about as I.T. is another department involved in building the partnership with Crisis Text Line, according to the release.

“[Osage Nation I.T.] won’t have access to the data, it’s saved to a secure online portal for reference by [Osage Nation Prevention] staff only. The exciting thing about the data is that it could help prove a need exists when applying for grant funding, or other opportunities,” said Paul Tutty, Osage Nation I.T. Web Engineer in the release. 

Crisis Text Line is the fourth addition to the available 24-hour phone numbers the Osage Nation provides for community members and constituents in need. The ON Family Violence Prevention Department, ON Police Department, and ON Constituent Services Department also provides 24-7 phone lines.